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NUFLEUR, a lifestyle brand which offers a contemporary take in quality of life. NUFLEUR - currently operates under The Hong Kong Academy of Flower Arrangement – is committed to restoring value and style in everyday life. Through offering bespoke flower arrangement designs that make people feel stylishly special, offering quality corporate workshops for people to lose themselves and to have fun, as well as offers indoors greening services and manages several lifestyle venues in Hong Kong.
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© Copyright NU Concept Ltd. 2022


Terms & Conditions


  1. Photos shown in this website are for reference only. Actual product may varies. For floral workshop, the choice of floral materials to use are subjected to seasonal supply flucations. NUFLEUR or the workshop provider reserve the right to adjust floral materials to use at its own discretion.
  2. All fees paid are not refundable.

Venue Rental

Reservation & Availability

  1. The availability of the venue is in a first-come-first-serve manner upon the full payment of rental charge with deposit.
  2. A session be reserved exclusively for a client for 24 hours upon confirmation, and made not available for other clients to reserve or to engage. If the full payment of rental charge with deposit is not received within the 24 hours, the session would be made available to the general public to reserve or to engage.


  1. Clients should pay in full the total invoiced amount, including all catering and facility charges at least 14 days before the date the event commences.
  2. Non-refundable part of the payment can be made via credit card in person at any of the HKAFA branches, via bank transfer or online at the www.hkafa.com.hk. The refundable part of the payment, including any deposits, must be paid in cash in person at any of the HKAFA branches, or via bank transfer. If the refundable part of the payment has to be paid in credit card or via the online payment system, a handling charge of 3.5% for the amount paid will be levied.
  3. All payments less Damage Deposit made are non-refundable.
  4. In scenario which clients failed to pay the full invoiced amount by the 14th day before the date the event commences, any amount previously paid would be forfeited and the session would be made available to the general public to reserve or to engage.


  1. Catering packages have to be confirmed and fully paid upon at least 14 days before the date the event commences. Change of catering packages or food selections are not entertained within 14 days before the date the event commences.
  2. All buffet packages and beverage packages are self-serviced and self-served subjected to fair usage policy. Waiter available at additional cost subjected to availability.


  1. The use of any free and chargeable facilities has to be requested at least 7 days before the date the event commences. NUFLEUR reserves the right not to provide any requested free facilities.
  2. Premium facilities can be used for catering clients for free according to the fair usage policy.
  3. The use of more than 30 chairs or 8 outdoor tables are subjected to addition charge.

Damage Deposit

  1. A Damage Deposit of HK$2,000 is collected for all bookings.
  2. The full amount of the Damage Deposit collected would be returned if no damage to anything is made.
  3. The cost to repair or to replace any material damage to the properties and the venue would be deducted from the Damage Deposit at the sole discretion of NUFLEUR.
  4. The cost of workmanship required to clean up the venue would be deducted from the Damage Deposit for situations including but not limited to vomiting, playing with air cannon, paper strips, whipping cream or flour, damaging table, sofa, walls or tiles with footprint, paint, burn mark, gum, wax or floods in the entire venue and common area. Such workmanship cost is not a part of the cleaning service. Those elected the cleaning service would be liable to have the Damage Deposit deducted if such damages are made.


  1. The client shall complete the check-in procedure in person with the NUFLEUR team during the session time but not before. Guests are not permitted to enter the venue before the check-in procedure is completed.
  2. In scenarios that the client is unable to represent oneself for the check-in, one shall assign a representative to complete the check-in procedure and presented with a signed letter of authorization. Guests would only be allowed to be admitted to the venue after the check-in procedure.
  3. The duration of the booked session will not be extended in any manner to compensate for the lateness in check-in of any kind.

Check-out & Cleaning Service

  1. The cleanliness of the venue shall be restored by the client, as in the same condition as of it is being at check-in, without the use of Cleaning Service.
  2. Usage of the Cleaning Service removes the obligation of the clients to clean up the venue. Cleaning Service covers the scope of clearing rubbish, decorations, and cleaning of tables and chairs; whereas any cost of workmanship coverable by the deduction of Damage Deposit is not covered.
  3. The Cleaning Service is chargeable at HK$600. Cleanliness condition be solely evaluated by the NUFLEUR team during check-out, additional charges be applicable if the cleanliness being beyond fair condition.
  4. Client shall remove any brought-in objects larger than 75cm x 75cm or heavier than 5kg with or without the use of Cleaning Service.

 Late Return & Extensions

  1. A Sessions extension subjected to availability with hourly rate applied. For Monday – Thursday, a cross session booking will be treated as an extension from the latter session with the higher hourly rate applied throughout the entire booking; For Saturdays and Sundays, a cross session booking would be treated as separate bookings for the entire duration of both sessions fulfilling its minimum hours.
  2. All guest shall have left the venue prior to check-out. Checking out a session late would be treated as session extension with rate applied. A late 25% of the hourly rate is applicable per 15 minutes late. HKAFA reserves the right not to grant any extension to late returns.

Cancellation & Postponement

  1. A change of date or catering options is only entertained if such request is submitted 14 days before the date the event commences. The booking can at most be postponed 60 days from the date of original booking. In any circumstances, all payments made less the Damage Deposit are non-refundable.